A Great Olive oil...

A Great Olive Oil…

Our extra virgin olive oil is fine and elaborated with artisanal manners to achieve high level quality.

Our extra virgin olive oil is fine and elaborated with artisanal manners to achieve high level quality.

Made only with our best olives and transformed by mechanical processes.

Produced in a small property in the south east of Portugal, our olive oil is not filtered to protect its flavors. Smooth, it offers a great harmony with subtle aromas of apple, almonds and fresh grass.

The finest oil you need to enjoy Mediterranean vegetables, mashed potato, grilled sea fish or fresh pasta.

It is packaged in small square bottles of smoked glass of 50 cl which protect against light and oxidation.

This is a nice present to offer or receive.

You can find it easily in good delicatessens, some well-known wine shops or directly at the property by contacting :


Our olives…

are collected at good maturity, from the end of October.

Picked by hand, they fall in large nets set ashore and then are grouped in small boxes.

They provide mainly from old Galega trees and additionally from Branquita, Cobrançosa and Picual.

The olives Galega confer to our oil its oiliness and its sweetness. This old variety is rarely planted today because the oil yield is very low : 8 or 10 kg of olives give only one liter of oil.

In addition, the olives Branquita, Cobrançosa and Picual bring their character and a slight touch of ardence.

A nice alliance of various olives for a great olive oil.

Photo Gallery

Photos gallery


Récolte des olives | Olive harvest


La campagne de l'Alentejo | The Alentejo countryside


Les Oliviers | Olive trees


L'huile d'olive Monte Verdi | Monte Verdi Olive oil


Les villages de l'Alentejo | The villages of Alentejo


Sur les arbres | On trees


Le tri des olives | Sorting olives


Idées recettes | Recipe ideas

An olive grove in an authentic region of Portugal, Alentejo.

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words...


Separation of the sheets
Stripping | Washing
Oil flow | Press output

It’s above all a history of meetings

A history of people passionate about their land, fond of good products.

MONTE VERDI is also a discovery, that of an unfairly forgotten region in the south of Portugal, Alentejo.

Centuries-old olive trees, cork oaks groves, flocks of sheeps and white villages crashed into the sun.

A preserved nature.

The pleasure of sharing something special, rich with meaningful and history.

The pleasure of sharing the fruits of the earth and human labour.


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